Rumor: Wii 2 will be HD, revealed at E3

A new report is giving us, for the first time, a substantive reason to believe Nintendo will in fact introduce a new console in June.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo was where Nintendo unveiled the 3DS last year, and according to an insider source quoted at Game Informer, it will be the launching pad for the much-rumored Wii 2 later this year.

When it comes to the current console generation, Nintendo has specifically stated it’s working on a new device but Sony and Microsoft are less eager to discuss their respective successors.

The problem with the Wii is that it fits in with the last generation better than the current gen. That is to say it isn’t HD capable, it doesn’t have a strong online presence, and it isn’t “future proof” because its updating capabilities are highly limited.

All of those factors are likely to be addressed in the Wii 2, which is most likely to be given some sort of brand new snazzy name.

In addition to Game Informer confirming the new home console will in fact be revealed at E3, there are reports suggesting that it will run Blu-ray Disc media, which would actually give it a leg up on the Xbox 360 and put a bit more pressure on Microsoft to step up to the high capacity format.

The one thing a new Wii won’t have is 3D functionality. Nintendo is fully into the glasses-free 3D market, and has said it has no interest in catering to the TV-connected 3D industry because it requires viewers to wear 3D glasses.

E3 runs from June 7 – 9, with Nintendo’s media briefing possibly happening one day earlier.