Rumor: Sony plans major PS3 firmware update

San Francisco (CA) – Sony is reportedly planning a major Playstation 3 firmware update. According to VG247, PS3 Firmware 3.0 will offer a “completely new system” for the console. The update – described as a “huge overhaul” – was compared to the NXE (New Xbox Experience) “in some respects.”

Indeed, a reputation, or evaluation system is likely to be included with the firmware. In addition, 3.0 is expected to feature a “grief reporting system” that will allow players to “screen capture” offensive players or actions. The upgraded firmware will also enable simultaneous HDMI and digital optical outputting, along with background patch updates. 

Meanwhile, a Sony official has confirmed that the virtual world of Home will eventually act as a “lobby” for all PS3 games.

“Home is the starting point for PlayStation 3 online, and that’s something that gamers are going to expect as more games support Game Launch from within Home,” Peter Edward, director of the PlayStation Home platform for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe told Gamasutra. “Players can set up their teams, choose the map and talk tactics before jumping into the game. This will become an essential component for all PS3 games.”

Edwards added that Revenue wasn’t the “main driver for Home.”

“We’re in this for the longterm,” he said.