Rubik’s Cube inventor gets round to new game

London, UK – Being a one-trick pony isn’t so bad as long as your trick is a really, really good one. But Professor Erno Rubik has long been looking for another gadget to match the success of his eponymous Cube, and is this week set to launch a new game which he hopes will spark another worldwide craze.

The Rubik 360 is a 10cm diameter clear plastic sphere with six coloured domes positioned at intervals around the circumference. At the top and bottom are two black domes which operate an internal ‘locking’ mechanism.

Inside the outer sphere is a second one, also transparent, with two holes. Inside this is a third sphere, containing six coloured balls. It also has a hole through which the small balls can pass.

The aim of the game is to wiggle the device around in order to pass the balls through both spheres and get each one into the matching coloured dome on the outer sphere – then lock it into place by twisting the black dome.

All this makes it sound rather like one of those little wobble-boards shoved into childrens’ party bags everywhere – but Rubik’s says it’s a bit more complicated than that. The two inner spheres are weighted, so they are constantly pulling towards their original position as the puzzle is turned. “Just when you think you’ve got a ball in the right position, chances are the inner spheres will succumb to gravity and confound you!” says the company.

The game goes on sale this week.