Rihanna weighs in on Battleship

A lot has been written and said about the movie Battleship, which some film fans are viewing with scorn that an adaptation of a board game could cost so much money (rumor has it in the neighborhood of $200 mil).

Meanwhile, The Dark Tower and At the Mountains of Madness were both turned down by Universal, with the studio releasing Battleship on May 12, 2012.

Director Peter Berg is aware there’s plenty of haters out there, but he clearly goes by the school of no such thing as bad publicity, telling Collider, “I think there’s been so much inherent curiosity, confusion, angry and excitement towards the film, like ‘How dare these people make a movie about Battleship?’ It inherently feels like something people want to talk about. They want to cheer it and they want to attack it, but they want to talk about it, and that feels good.”


Now Rhianna, who’s starring in the film with Liam Neeson, Alexander Skarsgard, and Brooklyn Decker, is talking about her experiences working on the film. 

As you probably know, most movies have police and military experts working on them to insure authenticity, and Rihanna told Moviefone she went under intense military training for the film with real Navy people, including Iraq veterans who put her through her paces.

One military trainer “yelled at me, cursed me, made me do push-ups,” she said. “I really wanted to say, ‘F*ck you’ right back, but then he probably would have thrown me right through the window!”


She also said her director Peter Berg is “crazy… He really is, and so spontaneous… I couldn’t ask for a better director to work with on my first film.” She also says she’s not the one who will say the famous line, “You sunk my battleship,” stating, “No one sinks my battleship.”


So will Rihanna be back for another Battleship, or will it equal two hundred million under the sea? 

We’ll know next May for sure whether this potential franchise was worth the cost, including the cost of turning away Ron Howard and Guillermo Del Toro’s most ambitious projects to date.