Ridiculous Wii exercise bike is ridiculous

There’s a new Wii peripheral for those who want a more active gaming experience.

That is, as long as you don’t mind having this eyesore in your living room.

It’s the Cybebike, a controller that also functions as a full-size exercise bicycle. Made by a company of the same name, the gadget is available for a whopping $200.

It will only work with specific, compatible titles, like Mario Kart Wii. It essentially functions as a Gamecube controller, with the buttons mapped out so that peddling the bike acts as holding down a specific button.

In addition to its casual gaming repertoire, the Wii has become known for its advancement of the “exergaming” category – games that try to make exercising fun. With games like Wii Fit and EA Sports Active, the Wii helped define the many other fitness-oriented games on the market today.

The Cyberbike is unlikely to make much a splash, however, for the lone reason that it is a big, cumbersome accessory. It is definitely noteworthy, though. The company says it will support gamers who weigh up to 286 pounds.

At $200, it’s both an expensive Wii controller and a cheap stationary bicycle. Does that sound like a winning combination to you? Then check out cyberbike-thegame.com for more information.