Report: XDA Dev jailbreaks PS3 with Android Nexus One

An XDA Dev member known as “t4tav” has reportedly coded a sweet PS3 jailbreak that can be executed via a rooted Nexus One or HTC Desire.

However, as Greg of PS3-Hacks notes, a universal Android PS3 jailbreak hack could very well be made available in the near future.

“You should also know that the flashable zips – & – are packaged in such a manner where an unlocked bootloader is not necessary. [Nevertheless], you still need root,” he explained.

“[Anyway], I just cracked open a virgin PS3, updated it to 3.41, and ripped [my own] game…It [was] small and quick to rip and it loads/plays no problem. Again, mad respect to everyone involved with this righteous PS3 hack.”


Well, then read on and remember, jailbreaking will void the warranty of both devices – so proceed at your own risk.

Android PS3 jailbreak instructions (via Android Police):

  • Download this file (
  • and place its contents onto the root of your SD-card.
  • Then download my flashable boot.img (
  • Place the image file on the root of your card, reboot into recovery and flash the
  • Reboot your phone.
  • Launch terminal emulator and type the following…
  • Code:
  • #cd sdcard
  • #su
  • #insmod psfreedom.ko
  • Now turn your PS3 off at the wall, and plug in your phone.
  • Turn the PS3 back on at the wall.
  • Press the PS3 power button followed by the eject key in quick succession…

And voilà!

Now, to undo the jailbreak (via Android Police):