Realnetworks proposes iTunes alternative

Seattle, WA – Realnetworks is hoping to get its Rhapsody on-demand streaming music application made available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The company has submitted the app to Apple. If approved, the free application would offer users unlimited music streaming over Wifi, 3G and Edge for $15 per month. The company has a library of over eight million tracks.

The service would operate as an alternative to iTunes, which means that it’s by no means a done deal. Apple recently turned down Google Voice on the grounds that it duplicated some of the iPhone’s features  – a charge that could equally well be levelled at Rhapsody.

There’ll be even more of a conflict when the next version of the app appears, as this will support downloading to the phone, allowing users to listen to music offline.

Realnetworks is also turning its sights on other platforms. “We are working diligently on an Android app and once we’re done there, we plan to turn our sights on more mobile platform and carrier app stores,” says the company in its blog.