Raunchy Droid detects bra sizes

Are you ladies wearing a push-up bra for a grander effect? Or do you prefer the minimalist approach offered by a humble sports brassiere? 

Well, Motorola’s Droid obviously cares very little for the temptations of the flesh, but it can allegedly detect any woman’s bra size.

At least according to a YouTube video found on the DROIDshortcuts channel which was spotted by CNET’s Chris Matyszczyk.

“You can, for example, use your Droid to change the traffic lights. You can use it to improve your pool prowess. That would be pool hall, rather than swimming pool,” writes Matyszczyk. 

“However, many readers might find the most spiritedly enchanting video on this channel the one that reveals the unlock code that releases one of the Droid’s most needed features. Clearly this series attempts to embed Droid’s essential usefulness to the slightly unfinished male.”

Hmmm. Maybe size does matter.

Yes, I just can’t help but wonder if the Droid was programmed to support gender equality.

Hopefully, it can also be used at rock concerts – say Van Halen or Bon Jovi – to dispel or confirm certain legends.

See video below for more, er, details.