Rage hits 60 FPS on Apple iPhone 4

QuakeCon 2010 – id Software’s John Carmack demoed an impressive version of Rage running at an amazing 60 FPS on an iPhone 4.

According to Carmack, the game – which is powered by id’s Tech 5 engine – “kills anything done on the Xbox or PlayStation 2.”

“[The game also] runs great on an original 2G iPhone and is incredibly cool on an iPad.”

However, as Jordan Cressman of i4U notes, the initial release of Rage for the iPhone is expected to be a “much less complete” game than what will eventually arrive on consoles.

“[Still], it is a way for gamers to at least get a hands-on feel for the world of Rage, and it is a fantastic way for id to showcase its focus on iPhone gaming.


[And of course], id will also be bringing out a second Rage game for iPhone alongside the full console release.”