Queen opens the family albums with launch of Flickr site

Queen Elizabeth II now has her own Flickr site, complete with family snaps and some old photos that have been kicking about at the back of drawers for decades.

The site currently includes over 600 photos divided into 30 sets, and there’s a set for every member of the Royal Family.

As usual, viewers are free to share and embed the pictures, and the site will no doubt be a popular resource for the thousands of bloggers who follow her every move.

But if viewers have got any opinions – and they will, they will – they’ll need to keep them to themselves as the comment feature has been disabled.

More interesting than the visits to Air Force bases and awards ceremonies are some of the older pictures in the collection. There’s a set of pics of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, for example.

Another set shows the pieces from the Royal Collection: “Paintings, photographs, drawings and watercolours, furniture, ceramics, clocks, silver, sculpture, jewellery, books, manuscripts, prints and maps, arms and armour, fans and textiles,” according to the site.

Behind the scenes at a State Banquet isn’t as interesting as it might be – all tasteful snaps of people laying tables and slicing fruit, and not a single shot of a chef spitting in the soup.

It would be nice to imagine that her Maj was sifting through the family albums and uploading the pics herself. But having recently joined Twitter and Youtube, she’s probably a bit busy gossiping about who said what to whom at her last garden party.