Quake 3 frags the Nexus One

Are you ready to frag? Yes? Well, so are we – with Quake 3 on the Nexus One!

Although an Android version of the game has been available for the Motorola Droid since February, the Nexus One port was reportedly delayed due to a lack of hardware controls on the device.

“Thankfully, though, ingenuity paid off in the end (as it often does) and what you get is a pretty smooth Quake experience on a mobile phone,” observed Phandroid’s Quentyn Kennemer.

“In the YouTube video description, the uploader states any lag is due to the video’s sub-par quality, but I didn’t even really notice much lag to begin with.”

Muhammad Ali of GeekWord expressed similar sentiments.

“As you will tell from the video, the game doesn’t show any signs of lagginess and offers a pretty enjoyable gaming experience with full audio support and responsive touch screen,” wrote Ali.

“Volume Up key is used to move forward, where as the Volume Down key has been reserved for jumping purposes. The trackball as you might have noticed performs the mouse role pretty. Firing gun shots is done by tapping the trackball.”