PSP titles getting remade in HD for PS3

Good news if you have a favorite PSP game or two and have unfulfilled dreams of what they’d look like on the big screen.

Sony is planning on refreshing the PSP line by remastering them and releasing them on the PS3. It’s calling the move “PSP Remaster.”

In the US, the PSP hasn’t sold like gangbusters though it has made decent sales thanks to customers who buy the device mainly for its music and media players.

There was a strong disconnect between hardware and software sales, meaning a lot of people who bought a PSP never bought a PSP game or only ever bought one or two.

This led to a lot of interesting titles being released for the portable system but only a scant few players ever actually buying it. That’s where PSP Remaster comes in.

So far, only one Japanese game, a Monster Hunter title, has been confirmed for the program, but we’re sure others are on the way.