PS3 users launch class action suit over loss of Linux support

A group of Playstation 3 users have decided they aren’t going to take  Sony’s decision to drop Linux support lying down. A class action suit has been launched against the company accusing it of unfair and deceptive business practice and breach of contract.

The company caused quite a ruckus last month when it dropped support for the Install Other OS option on the PS3. Sony claimed  it had made the decision for security reasons.

But the lawsuit, headed by California resident Anthony Ventura, claims that Sony deliberately misled its customers.

“At the time of its launch, the PS3 was the most expensive gaming console available, retailing for $599.00 in part because it is capable of far more than merely playing games at home,” reads the suit.

Indeed, Sony touted the Install Other OS feature as a major selling point, right up to the moment when it pulled the plug. Just last summer, it assured users that the feature would not be disabled in future firmware releases.

The suit alleges that Sony’s decision had little to do with users’ security, and more to do with the fact that the PS3 had recently been hacked by Geohot, largely through exploiting the Other OS feature.

“On information and belief, contrary to Sony’s statement, the ‘security concerns’ did not involve a threat to PS3 users, but rather reflected Sony’s concerns that the Other OS feature might be used by ‘hackers’ to copy and/or steam gaming and other content,” it says.