PS3 strikes deal for NFL streaming

NFL Ticket, a feature previously touted specifically to DirecTV customers, is heading over to the PS3.

The service allows users to watch every Sunday NFL title, with the ability to follow up to eight games simultaneously.

In additon, viewers can get exclusive commentary and watch plays in ways that aren’t available on most standard football broadcasts.

The Sunday Ticket package is actually partially owned by DirecTV, so it was involved in the process of bringing the content to the PS3.

Best of all, unlike other cable/satellite services that have branched out to other devices and require users to have a specific cable or satellite account, this feature is available to every PS3 owner – no DirecTV subscription required.

You do, however, have to subscribe to Sunday Ticket, which costs a whopping $339.95 for the entire season.

Those who do have an existing DirecTV Sunday Ticket subscription still need to dole out an extra $50 to access it on the PS3.

It sounds like a lot, but then again there are some real die-hard football fans out there.

This is the latest move from Sony to bring non-gaming content to the PS3 and deliver on its promise of being more than just a game console but rather an all-encompassing media device.

Other services available on PS3 include Netflix, Vudu, and MLB live streaming. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 promises to bring live TV services to its platform later this year. In the future, perhaps the cable box as we know it will be a thing of the past.