PS3 gamer ‘sexually assaulted’ online

A PlayStation 3 gamer has apparently abandoned the game for ever, after her avatar was repeatedly hassled in Sony’s PlayStation Home virtual world.

Some nasty man kept getting behind her, it seems, and crouching down.

Her roommate, Whoef, was outraged on her behalf, and pleads eloquently  in a web post for drastic measures.

While the perpetrator is punished, he says, the victim should be given a free personal space which includes a mini-game. “The game consists of the harasser being placed in a very small courtyard and the victim, using an automatic tomato gun, shoots tomatoes at their harassers,” he suggests.

“Home should create the Home Jail, then the harassers can harass each other, since that seems to be their only purpose for being on Home. Put them where they belong. There is no reason Home can’t make money on future rapists,” he continues.

“After losing all their items, like a real jail, Home can sell them orange jumpsuits, flip-flops and they can decorate their jail cells with a few items such as bunk bed, toilet and a bed roll.”

He really ought to start his own site – the guy’s inspired.