PS3 firmware update already pwned and owned

Sony is pushing a PS3 firmware update to consoles in a desperate attempt to halt homebrew play and so-called “piracy.”

According to Playstation Blog, system software version 3.56 is a “minor update that adds a security patch” by introducing a new encryption key designed to eliminate homebrew functionality.

Unsurprisingly, however, 3.56 was cracked, hacked and jacked by the talented Youness Alaoui (aka as KaKaRoToKs) just hours after its initial release. 

Indeed, Alaoui confirmed the crack on Twitter, saying he had unpacked the firmware and published its signing keys.

Kind of embarrassing for Sony, right?

And as Edge’s Nathan Brown notes, it is really “only a matter of time” until new custom firmware is released that spoofs 3.56 and re-enables PSN access for the hacked masses.

“This is Sony’s first [real] attempt to re-secure its console since it was hacked wide open over Christmas,” wrote Brown.

“It told us earlier this month that it would re-secure the console by way of network updates, a claim that was disputed at the time and, it now appears, with good reason.” [[Playstation]]