PS3 fanbois laugh it up over Square Enix Xbox 360 scandal

It seems as if Square Enix used PS3 footage in a TV ad for the 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII in an attempt to make the RPG look “sharper.”

“The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint [which] suggested the PS3 image was crisper than the 360 equivalent,” confirmed Tim Ingham of CVG.

“ASA tested the two SKUs on identical screens with an identical set up and found a ‘discernible’ difference in picture quality…[The] PS3 image in video sequences appeared sharper and colors were [indeed] more vivid than those of the Xbox 360.”

However, Square Enix continues to maintain that the ad did not include any actual gameplay footage, but instead featured full motion video (FMV) cut scenes – which were played back on the PS3 for “capture” purposes.

Nevertheless, Square Enix has agreed not to broadcast the ad again in its “current form.”

Meanwhile, Destructoid’s Jim Sterling noted that the latest scandal was “bad news” for the company which had embarrassed itself by getting caught in a case of marketing mischief.

“[Still], this is certainly good news for the Sony side of the console wars, with the ASA officially ruling that the PS3 version looks noticeably superior…Certainly superior enough to be used as proof as an official ruling against Square Enix.”