Project Natal to launch in October

Microsoft’s Project Natal motion-sensing games controller for the Xbox 360 will launch in October, an executive revealed on Saudi TV.

“I do have great news to share with everybody. Project Natal will be launched in Saudi Arabia on the same day as it will be launched in the world – that is going to be somewhere in October,” said marketing manager of entertainment and devices at Microsoft Saudi, Syed Bilal Tariq.

“We will be in a position to confirm the date after E3, which is in June. But definitely, it is going to be October 2010 – and we will have it in Saudi Arabia for sure.”

This date would fit nicely with the run-up to the holiday season, giving Santa just about the right amount of time to fill his sacks.

Microsoft has already said it plans to announce its initial lineup of titles for the device at E3. The device itself was first announced at E3 last June,but the launch date remained vague.

Sony looks set to launch its own Playstation Move navigation controller at around the same time.

The programme is here.