Pow! Steve Jobs gets turned into an action figure

If there was ever a technology industry figure who could be represented with a tiny body, big head, and a lot of gloss, it’s Steve Jobs.

Apple fanboys have something new to put on their work cubicles now, with this amazingly lifelike action figure representing Steve Jobs.

The figure stands atop a pedestal in the shape of an Apple logo with an iPhone 4 in his hand. We hope he’s not holding it the wrong way, because the real Steve Jobs would get really upset – just like he did at the thousands of consumers who waited in line for hours to buy the latest phone and wanted some sort of apology for the fact that their calls were being dropped.

It’s easy to turn Jobs into an instantly-recognizable action figure because of his always-identical public appearance. Give anything a black turtleneck, blue jeans, and not-really-fashionable glasses, and you’ll have Steve Jobs. You could have put those accoutrements on a potato and it’d look like Jobs.

Beyond that, though, the fact that a corporate executive could be made into an action figure just goes to show how much star power Jobs actually has. It’s hard to imagine a Steve Ballmer bobblehead or a Barbie doll version of Carol Bartz.

The Steve Jobs figure also comes with paper speech bubbles to make your little CEO say the darnedest things. Stuff like “It’s revolutionary” and “We can do better” come to mind. That is, if you want to seem like a real Steve Jobs speech writer.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for that perfect holiday gift for the person who already has an iPad and an iPod, here you go. You can find the Steve Jobs action figure on Micgadget.com.