Playstation Move already a top seller

Sony’s motion controller for the PS3 has already climbed into the top 10 video game items at, encouraging a strong beginning for the inventive PS3 controller.

The Move device works in tandem with a special Playstation Eye camera that allows compatible games to pick up full range and depth of motion. It aims to be a more sophisticated version of the Wii’s remote control.

Microsoft’s Kinect controller is also gaining steam in pre-orders, although that’s not set to be released until November. The Move controller, on the other hand, comes out September 19.

What sets the Move apart is a triple-axis gyroscope and accelerometer, combined with the visual perception from the Playstation Eye, making it the most technically impressive motion controller on the market.

It also makes it the most convoluted set-up, which may turn some gamers away from Move. At the #8 spot on Toys R Us’ Web site, though, reception seems to be fairly positive already.

The Move controller will be stamped at $50, while an optional Navigation attachment will sell for $30. The Playstation Eye is already available for $30, and a bundle that combines all three will be available for $100.