PlayStation games now available on Android Market

Multiple titles have been put up ahead of the Xperia Play launch.

Sony has made several PlayStation One titles available for download over the Android Market, but they will only be accessible through the Xperia Play’s specialized filter and are not accessible through any other Android device.

The following PS One titles have been uploaded to the digital download platform:

* Syphon Filter

* Destruction Derby

* MediEvil

* Jumping Fish

* Cool Boarders 2

Each title is priced at $6.38, and in addition, the device comes pre-loaded with the original Crash Bandicoot.

The addition of these games means the Xperia Play’s launch is imminent. In the UK, it is expected to be available today or very soon.

In the US, no release date has been announced but we were told at last month’s CTIA show that it should be out here in “very early Q2.”