Playboy reboots Tron

If there’s one thing that hardcore geeks like more than science fiction action movies, it’s probably hot girls revving a futuristic motorcycle or lightcycle with reckless abandon.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Playboy is tapping into uber-geek sensibilities with its “sexy tribute” to the soon-to-be-released Tron: Legacy movie (warning: definitely NSFW).

Yes, indeed, Tron: Legacy – this year’s sequel to the 80’s classic Tron – is getting a whole new look thanks to sultry Playmates Irina Voronina and Sasckya Porto in all Tron inspired poses.

I mean, we’re talking day glow body paint, blue lights, and well, action!

Oh yeah, and they’re even posing on the now ubiquitous Tron motorcycle.

Inspired by the various Tron themed video games and toys out there, Playboy explains it wanted to sexify an already hopelessly sexy concept.

You know, I think the Tron: Legacy poster probably describes it best with the pithy tagline: “The Game has Changed.”

And so it has!

Thank you Playboy!

Note: Additional pictures from the Playboy Tron shoot can be viewed here