Playboy hard drive offers erotica to go

Playboy and Bondi are currently selling a portable, 250GB USB hard drive loaded with over 650 issues of the popular erotic magazine.

That’s 56 years of Playboy (Dec 1953-Dec 2009), and more than 100,000 pages at, er, your fingertips.

Indeed, this collector’s edition features every issue of Playboy – exactly as it appeared in print.

Yes, this smokin’ cache is certainly the dream of every erotic connoisseur, as it offers, ahem, easy access to playmates, interviews, literary fiction and even advertisements.

Fortunately, Bondi has also included its user-friendly browsing software, which allows users to quickly search through the months and years. 

The portable Playboy hard drive can be purchased for a cool $300 right here.