Play a game, do a line of coke

An obviously confused UK counselor and therapist has compared playing a two-hour game to snorting a line of cocaine.

“A lot of young people get themselves into a situation where they use video games as an escape from the world and they get hooked on the release of adrenaline it gives,” Steve Pope wrote a Lancashire Evening Post article quoted by Kotaku.

“Spending two hours on a game station is equivalent to taking a line of cocaine in the high it produces.”

According to Pope, gaming is the the “fastest growing addiction” in the UK.

“I saw one 14-year-old Preston boy who played on games for 24 hours non stop and had not eaten and was showing signs of dehydration. When his parents tried to take his console away, he became aggressive and threatened to jump out of a window,” claimed Pope.

“Computer game addiction can also spiral into violence as after playing violent games, they may turn their fantasy games into reality. But it is not just children who are suffering — a growing number of adults are addicted to the Internet and to sites like Facebook.”

Ummm, say what?