Peter Jackson reveals District 9, Hobbit details

San Diego (CA) – Peter Jackson has revealed that ‘District 9’ cost $30 million dollars to produce. Jackson explained that he had to “sign off on everything” to raise the money after independently financing the project for six months.

“We wrote a screenplay that was more of a treatment than a screenplay. We needed actors who could improv. It was an independent movie, shot independently, distributed by Sony,” Jackson told MTV. We were able to have total freedom. We had this tiny little film in a year when ‘Transformers 2’ and ‘GI Joe’ were coming out so we figured we can be grungy, because they can’t.”

Jackson also offered an update on The Hobbit.

“We don’t have a budget. We don’t have a green light,” Jackson told Entertainment Weekly. “We can’t offer any actors roles til then.”

He added that first of two hobbit scripts – written with Guillermo del Toro, Philippa Boyens and Fran Walsh – would be delivered to studios over the next three weeks.

District 9 is reportedly based on Alive in Joburg, a short film directed by Neill Blomkamp, Sharlto Copley, Simon Hansen and Shanon Worley. In District 9, alien refugees fleeing their home world are “temporarily” placed in camps until a more permanent solution can be discovered.

Control over the sector is eventually handed over to Multi-National United (MNU), an entity that has also been tasked with reverse-engineering the alien’s advanced weaponry. However, the MNU is stymied by the alien arsenal which requires appropriate DNA to activate.

Tensions flare when MNU operative Wikus van der Merwe contracts a virus that alters his DNA. Wikus – ostracized and ruthlessly hunted by his former employee flees to District 9.

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