PAX East expo hacker charged with attempted theft

There were a lot of announcements at this year’s PAX East conference in Boston, but the biggest news story came from a man who tried to steal a prototype of Atomic Games’ upcoming title Breach.

20-year-old Justin May was actually able to hack into an Xbox 360 debug system at the Atomic booth and start downloading the beta game file to his laptop.

However, an Atomic employee noticed him and questioned what he was doing. At that moment he ran away with laptop in tow while being chased by other Atomic representatives and security officers.

Some people couldn’t believe such a crime could actually take place on the show floor and called it a publicity stunt, but after it was confirmed that he was in fact arraigned at the local police department, no one doubted that it really happened.

Today, Suffolk County, where Boston is located, announced that the District Attorney has officially charged May with the attempted theft.

Atomic says that May downloaded about 14 MB of the game’s file before he was caught. “It would have been very harmful if Breach had been posted on the Internet months before its planned release,” said Atomic CEO Peter Tamte in a statement.