Ozzy Osbourne at Blizzcon and for $40 on your PC

Los Angeles (CA) – Bliizard today announced that Ozzy Osbourne will be performing at the upcoming Blizzcon conference. If you are not among the 20,000 who already have tickets you can watch the event and Ozzy’s concert on your PC or TV for $40.

Blizzard Entertainment has found another way to squeeze a bit more money out of its popular Blizzcon 2009 conference. In May, 20,000 tickets priced at $125 each ($25 more than in 2008) sold out in just eight minutes, according to Blizzard, leaving reportedly tens of thousands of Blizzard fans behind.

There may be a solution, if you are among those who would have wanted to attend the event – and see Ozzy Osbourne. Blizzard is selling the conference as an Internet stream as well as a pay-per-view event that can be watched on DirecTV. The company promises 16 hours of programming for $39.95. Ozzy Osbourne will be giving his concert at the closing ceremony on August 22.