Oh boy…The Bachelor video game due out this summer

Robotic movements, pre-programmed emotions, and extra points for avoiding sabotage – and that’s just the TV show. Imagine what will happen will all of this makes its way over the video game land. Luckily for all of us, Warner Bros is making that happen.

Chris Harrison, the host of the TV series, will take the role of the virtual host in the game. Players can choose from a bachelor or bachelorette based on real-life personalities from the series.

The competition puts you in “mini-game date challenges for a shot at romance.” Yeah, those are the words of Warner Bros. The mini-games test skills that are clearly required on every romantic date: speed, memory, and precision.

Throughout the game, players avoid sabotage attempts and cross their fingers as they enter the rose ceremony at the end of each “episode.” Assumedly, though, winners will not gain any human companionship in real life.

The game, which will be available for the Nintendo Wii and DS, currently carries a tentative July release date window.