Nvidia’s Tegra 2 powers Eve tablet demo

CCP Games recently showcased an “exploratory project” it conducted with Nvidia to run a mobile-specific version of Eve on Tegra 2-powered tablets and smartphones.

Although not a complete version of the popular sci-fi MMORPG, the demo featured an Eve spacecraft rendered in realtime, along with a classic user interface.

“We’ve been working a lot on the backend to enable EVE over http, but the problem we run into is that a lot of people seem to equate that with a web browser,” CCP Games CTO Halldor Fannar explained during EVE Fanfest in a statement quoted by Edge.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean that – it means any of these devices can start extracting data and also writing data back. So it opens up the possibility of having dedicated applications for doing market transactions, managing your skill queue and, for instance, fitting your spaceship.”

However, Fannar emphasized that CCP would not commit to or comment on a launch timeline.

“What you saw today was more of an exploratory project we started with Nvidia to see what quality of graphics we could get on these devices. 

[“For] trading on the market or managing your skill queue, you don’t need much in the way of graphics – but we’re a very visually oriented company and players are really attached to the [ship] models. It would be far more meaningful for them to see their assets.”

Meanwhile, an Nvidia spokesperson said he was unable to “reveal anything more about what was shown,” but told TG Daily the company was “excited to work with CCP and make the demo at EVE Fanfest a reality.”

[Via Gamasutra & Edge]