Nvidia remains "committed" to gaming industry

Nvidia has reiterated its strong commitment to the gaming industry. Company spokesperson Bryan Del Rizzo told TG Daily that rumors of Nvidia abandoning gaming for the HPC (high performance computing) market were “completely unfounded” and “ludicrous.”

“Gaming remains our bread and butter focus area. However, there are other opportunities for us to explore as the company grows, such as the HPC sector,” explained Del Rizzo.

“Now, there are two sides to Fermi architecture – compute and graphics. The recent HPC show was all about the compute side, so that is what why we showcased our new Fermi-based Tesla GPUs.”

However, Del Rizzo admitted that Nvidia hasn’t released “a lot” of details about its Geforce line of Fermi-based products.

“Look, I understand that some people might be feeling anxious because we haven’t published detailed information about Fermi-based Geforce cards,” said Del Rizzo. “But, I can assure you that data is forthcoming. The wait will be well worth it, especially when people understand what products based on Fermi are capable of.”

He added that Nvidia has actually “stepped up” its commitment to gaming by bringing PhysX to multiple platforms, including the iPhone, Xbox and PS3.

“Nvidia brought advanced PhysX capabilities to games such as Batman, Dark Void (upcoming) and Darkest of Days. We are investing a ton of money and resources to advance gaming across all platforms. We also introduced our 3D Vision technology, which supports over 400 games.

“Clearly, Nvidia will be offering gamers a great experience in 2010 with its Fermi-based Geforce line. I can assure you, patience will pay off.”

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