Nox Audio debuts "cross-platform" headset

Nox Audio has debuted an $80 “cross-platform” headset for PCs, iPods and cell phones.

The company is also slated to release a $60 optical (USB) gaming adapter dubbed the “Negotiator” – which will allow the Specialist and other stereo/PC headsets to be used with both the PS3 and Xbox 360. 

However, you may want to hold off on purchasing either device until both are available in Nox’s upcoming $100 “Ultimate” gaming package.

According to Nox president Julie Ma, the Specialist features four 26 mm Mylar drivers that deliver rich and deep bass, while preserving the nuances of mid- and high-frequency sounds.

“There’s no reason to sacrifice audio quality for comfort and portability, nor should a good gaming headset be bulky and uncomfortable. Our 4.8-ounce headset delivers an audio punch without the extra weight, bulk and discomfort that plague similar products,” said Ma.

“Fold-up hinges, ultra-light memory foam ear pads and a four millimeter retractable microphone hidden in the left ear cup add to the portability and versatility of the product as well.”

The Specialist is currently available in a range of colors, including electric green, red, black and blue.