Noomi Rapace talks Prometheus at Comic-Con

Noomi Rapace and Ridley Scott may be in a remote part of Iceland shooting Prometheus, but that didn’t stop either of them from addressing thousands of eager fans at Comic-Con via a satellite linkup.

“Well, I just came back from space two days ago. It feels weird to come back to Earth again. We were up there for many many days. Long days and hard days, physically and emotionally,” the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo star told the eager audience. 

“[Still], It’s been the best journey ever, thanks to [Ridley Scott]. My respect for him has been growing every day, and I’ve been coming home late, but smiling. When we started getting into this, I forgot everything else, and it felt like discovering something. I’m bruised. I look like shit today. I have cuts and scars and bruises.”

Meanwhile, Scott reiterated that Prometheus had essentially morphed into an original movie with strands of DNA from the earlier film.

“I realized that there was something in the original ‘Alien’ that no one has asked a question about. And I thought, well that could be the centerpiece,” he explained.

“[So], we’ve gone in a completely different direction. Robots and androids and replicants have become so much a part of the landscape that they’re not unique. The challenge is coming up with unique notions that make something fresh. I’ve had a better time with this movie than I have in many years.”

Screenwriter Damon Lindelof also weighed in on Prometheus, saying the movie explored some pretty “big ideas.”

“It covers a vast expanse of time, past, present and future. It doesn’t take place on Earth in any real significant way. The way we’re exploring the future is away from Earth and [asking] what are people like now? What have they gone through and what are they thinking of?

“Space exploration in the future is going to evolve into this idea that it’s not just about going out there and finding planets to build colonies. It also has this inherent idea that the further we go out, the more we learn about ourselves. The characters in this movie are preoccupied by the idea: what are our origins?”

Finally, Comic-Con attendees were treated to a few (all too) brief moments of Prometheus footage, most of which depicted the crew of a spaceship, as well as mechanical tubes filled with (Alien?) green gunk.  

Prometheus is scheduled to be released on June 8, 2012.

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