No PS3 price cut, Wii HD, Hulu on Xbox: The quashed E3 rumors

The $200 PS3, the ability to watch Hulu on Xbox 360, and yet another addition to the PSP library are all ideas that are now officially shelved to the pile of unsubstantiated E3 rumors.

Just a few days before E3 began, eagle-eyed Web viewers noticed something strange at Sony’s official online store: there was a graphic that included the caption “PS3: Starting at $199.99.” It turns out that was just an honest-to-goodness typo. Tsk tsk to the guy that designed that page on

Gear Live said it heard from a “very reliable source (who has never been wrong before)” that Microsoft was going to announce an official partnership with Hulu to bring the TV-streaming service to the console. However, in the weeks that followed, more substantiated news came that Hulu was busier working on its own premium service that may at some point come to video game consoles. Alas, no Hulu announcements from Microsoft this week… Looks like that source lost its perfect track record.

Throughout the year, news popped up about a new PSP system, and many signs pointed to a “surprise” announcement at today’s press conference. even still mentions the PSP2 in a teaser for its Sony press conference coverage, in a headline that was obviously written before the event happened. Unfortunately, there’s still no word on whether or not Sony is actually working on a new handheld.

Other, crazier E3 rumors included Gears of War 3 coming to the PS3, a 500 GB PS3 system, and a high-def Wii add-on. Those were never taken too seriously, and of course did not come to fruition.

One of the rumors that was not expected to come true, but actually did, was a new Twisted Metal game. Rumors popped up that gaming mastermind David Jaffe was going to unveil a new entry into the somewhat-forgotten Twisted Metal franchise. Jaffe immediately stomped on the rumors, saying that he wasn’t even going to be at E3.

Surprise! Jaffe wasn’t about to lose his moment in the spotlight, and it turned out he blatantly lied in response to the rumors, because he came out front-and-center at Sony’s stage today to show off a brand new entry in the racing-combat series exclusive to PS3.