Nintendo to launch exercise bike for the Wii

In case your living room isn’t yet cluttered enough, Nintendo is planning to launch its biggest peripheral yet: an exercise bike.

The Cyberbike was developed by BigBen Interactive, also responsible for the Wii steering wheel and golf club. It looks much like any other exercise bike, but is “a lot more fun,” says the company.

Missing the Christmas market by a whisker, it’s expected to be available in January and will come with its own Cycling Sports game. There’s no pricing, but don’t expect it to be cheap.

There are 18 different courses on the game, which has an anti-pollution theme: players cycle round clearing up garbage.

But the rider isn’t limited to the boring old ground: players can cycle underwater or through the air. Up to four players can compete. There’s a video, here.

The company says the bike will also be compatible with the Mario game, although it doesn’t give details.