Nintendo takes draconian steps to curtail 3DS "piracy"

Nintendo is reportedly taking a number of draconian steps to discourage the distribution of unauthorized or altered 3DS games.

Indeed, according to Destructoid’s Dale North, the 3DS currently logs every loaded cartridge – with no (immediately) apparent way to alter or change the list.

“Those not concerned with piracy see it is a cool feature, as it logs your play time and date, and can even sort all your played games to tell you which ones you play the most,” explained North.

“[Yet], the flip side of this is that the system ‘knows’ what you’ve put into it. So, if you put an R4 or other piracy device into it, it’ll know – [and] Nintendo will know.”

North also noted that Nintendo plans on disabling 3DS handheld consoles loaded with “illegal” games in an act aptly dubbed “remote bricking.”

Meaning, that a (wirelessly applied) system firmware update could easily smack down a naughty 3DS engaged in illicit gaming.

“A system that knows every step you’ve taken? I don’t think piracy is going to be that easy on a system like this,” concluded North.

Maybe not, but as the recent slew of PS3 hacks and jailbreak patches illustrate, no gaming system or console is (or has ever been) entirely secure.

It may take a bit of time, months, maybe even years, but it is almost certain modders will find a way to infiltrate past Nintendo’s digital security perimeter.

Of course, my money is on an early jailbreak for Sony’s NGP. 

The Japanese-based corporation has managed to (unwisely) piss off legions of hackers, modders, jailbreakers and, yes, even ordinary people.

As such, motivation to crack the next-gen handheld is sky high.

GeoHot, dude, are you listening?