Nintendo plans large-screen DSi

Nintendo is planning a large-screen DSi, according to Japanese news service Nikkei.

The four-inch dual-screen screen version will  have all the same features. Nikkei says it will launch in Japan by the end of the year. It will cost Y18,900 – around $200 – which is the same price as the standard version.

It apparently comes in reasponse to requests fronm older users in Japan, and is presumably targeted at people desperately trying to fend off Alzheimer’s by playing Brain Training.

The standard model has a 3.25-inch screen. A four-inch version would put it on a par with the Playstation Portable.

Sales for the DSi started promisingly a year ago, but have slowed considerably since.

Nikkei also said the company plans to release a model with anti-piracy features in China and South Korea by spring next year.

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