Nintendo brings on Dreamworks for 3DS video

Nintendo has managed to recruit one of the most prolific providers of 3D movies to bring content to its struggling 3DS system.

Dreamworks Animation SKG, which has been among the strongest champions of 3D over the last two years, will offer two animated 3D shorts for Nintendo 3DS owners to watch anytime, anywhere, without the need for 3D glasses.

The first title to be released is called Night of the Living Carrots, timed appropriately for the Halloween season. The second one is a short based on the three little pig characters from Shrek, called The Pig Who Cried Wereholf.

Both are exclusive to the 3DS, at least for now.

The 3DS can only handle clips of several minutes in length. The Night of the Living Carrots, thus, is split into two separate files even though it’s only 13 minutes.

Nintendo is working hard to forge partnerships with 3D content providers. The company has also partnered up with 3net, the first 24/7 3D television network that launched on DirecTV shortly after the first commercially available 3D TV sets launched in 2009.

In addition, Nintendo plans to offer exclusive 3D streaming content from Netflix.

The 3DS was revealed with a lot of hype two years ago, but delays in manufacturing leading to an awkward March release date, a complete dearth of worthy launch titles, setting the price higher than any Nintendo system in history, and a piecemeal approach to rolling out all the originally promised features led to a complete lack of enthusiasm when the system was released.

Nintendo has been fervently working ever since to regain public interest.