Nintendo 3DS video streaming gets underway

Online video streaming services are now available on Nintendo’s new 3DS handheld.

In Japan and Europe, Nintendo launched an app called Nintendo Video on July 13.

The app lets users watch special video content in both 2D and 3D, with sporadic updates of new videos planned to be continuously rolled out.

However, in North America, the content will be unavailable for at least another two months, according to a quotation from Nintendo senior director Tony Elison in a story.

But that doesn’t mean North American users will have to wait that long before watching anything in 3D. In fact, for the NA territory, Nintendo launches the much anticipated Netflix app today.

First announced at the Game Developers Conference earlier this year, the 3DS will be the first system to offer 3D streaming from Netflix’s instant streaming service.

Just like with the Wii’s Netflix app, users will be able to download the 3DS program for free and access as much content as they want, as long as they have an active Netflix account.

Nintendo continues to stress that its devices are dedicated game machines, but it has had to face the reality that consumers want more than just games out of a game platform.