Next-gen console reboot? 2012-2013

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli estimates that the next generation console cycle won’t kick-off until 2012-2013, at the earliest.

According to Yerli, the current hardware space is “getting old and tight,” a sentiment that is becoming painfully obvious as devs try to squeeze every last drop of graphics and processing power out of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3.

“For some reason my gut feeling is still that we’ll see a new [console] generation in 2012, 2013,” Yerli told CVG during a recent interview.

“Factually spoken, it looks like I’m going be wrong, but my gut feeling is that there’s going to be a new one because it’s really getting old and tight in this space.”

To be sure, Yerli confirmed that his studio was already maxing out Crytek’s multiplatform capabilities with the long-awaited Crysis 2 FPS

“I [definitely] think when we put Crysis 2 out we will show a level that is, multiplatform-wise, maxing out, but we will look into with Microsoft how Kingdoms can push the Xbox 360 110 percent, to its limits.

“When you’re spending a multimillion budget only on the Xbox 360, that team will be able to crank out the last two or three percent left in the console.

“But I think that two or three percent will make the difference potentially between day and night that you cannot afford if you go multiplatform.” [[Xbox 360]]