New videos of Sony’s Playstation tablets pop up

There are new videos showing off what will be the world’s first “Playstation certified” tablets.

The integration of Playstation content will be the key differentiating factor when Sony enters the heated tablet wars. There’s no word on when exactly that will happen, but based on all the information that’s out there, it seems like it could be quite soon.

The S1 and S2 will link to the Playstation Network and offer users a unique set of connectivity options with other Playstation devices like the PS3 and the upcoming Playstation Vita.

At the heart of it all is a special software package called the Playstation Suite. This acts as the backbone to Playstation content on mobile devices, giving users access to special games, interaction with other gamers, and connectivity to additional forms of content.

Playstation Suite will be an integral part of the Playstation Vita, as well as a number of smartphones due out over the next year. It runs exclusively on Android; the S1 and S2 will both be equipped with the tablet-optimized Honeycomb version of Google’s mobile OS.

Actual details about Playstation Suite still remain somewhat muddled, as it has yet to be released on any device. This latest video from a website called Notebook Italia, however, gives a pretty comprehensive view of it, so take a look: