New, open source PS3 jailbreak may get round piracy claims

A new, open source jailbreak for the PS3 has been released by modder Mathieu Hervais, with the claim that it doesn’t promote piracy.

Users will need to know what they’re doing, but the hack is achievable with a $25 Teensy++ USB development board or a $30 AT90USBkey loaded with the PSGroove files – which are available here.

The hack is essentially similar to the PS Jailbreak technique.

Unlike PS Jailbreak, though, the ability to boot ISO files has been disabled. This means it doesn’t currently allow users to play games ripped from retail discs via a backup manager application – users will have to content themselves with third-party and home-made games.

This may make it rather harder for Sony to put a stop to it through the courts, as it is attempting to do with OzModChips’ PS Jailbreak. However, a second build is in the works with the piracy features enabled.

Meanwhile, Sony has succeeded in winning a temporary injunction against OzModChips, banning the sale or import of the hardware and ordering the company to hand over its products to Sony.

“This is not OzModChips versus Sony. This is not OzModChips, Quantronics, Modsupplier versus Sony. We would go as far as saying that is not even everyone in Australia versus Sony,” says the company.

“This will affect everyone that plans to buy such a device worldwide. It already sets a dangerous precedent. Everyone that was using OtherOS, everyone that has had a faulty PS3 laser…. and those interested in PS3 custom firmware and homebrew applications.”

The company’s promising refunds if the injunction becomes permanent. There’s a federal court hearing today.