Monopoly goes global with online Google Earth version

Google has teamed up with Hasbro to develop a version of Monopoly for people who really like to indulge their megalomania.

Hasbro has developed a free, web-based version of the game that ranges across the globe using Google Earth and Street View to turn the whole planet into a board.

Hasbro describes Monopoly City Streets “a game of property empire building on an unimaginable scale in a bid to uncover the greatest property magnate the world has ever known.”

As in the traditional version, players can build on their properties – although in this version they can construct anything from cottages to skyscrapers, castles to schools. All this costs, of course, and players get to start out with $3 million, rather than the rather measly $200 they get in the classic board game.

Only one person can buy a property at a time – wonder who’ll get the White House? – and rent is paid automatically. In a nasty twist, Chance cards allow players to build sewage plants and prisons on competitors’ sites.

It won’t be around for ever – the Street View version will only be available for four months from tomorrow, in a bid to promote Monopoly City, a 3D version of the board game.