Mininova takes down a million torrent files

Mininova is to take down all torrents apart from those uploaded through its Content Distribution platform after an order from a Dutch court.

In August, the company was ordered by the Court of Utrecht to remove links to illegal, copyrighted content within three months or face a €5 million penalty.

Mininova has now removed access to over a million torrent files.

“Unfortunately the court ruling leaves us no other option than to take our platform offline, except for the Content Distribution service. According to the verdict, we have to prevent uploads of torrents to Mininova that refer to certain titles or to similar-looking titles,” says the company in a blog.

“We’ve been testing some filtering systems the last couple of months, but we found that it’s neither technically nor operationally possible to implement a 100 percent working filter system. Therefore, we decided that the only option is to limit Mininova to Content Distribution torrents from now on

Mininova itself sprang up to fill the gap left when Suprnova shut up shop. It was founded in 2005 by five Dutch students, and grew to become the biggest bit-torrent indexer on the net.

Its Content Distribution service, launched in 2007, allows willing producers and artists to distribute content for free.

Mininova says it is considering an appeal.