Milla Jovovich likes seeing her cleavage in 3D

The best thing about 3D content is that if it’s done well, it feels like you can practically reach out and grab what’s on the screen.

For Milla Jovovich, one of the stars of the upcoming flick The Three Musketeers, there are a couple reasons to be especially excited about that reason.

In an interview with MTV News, Jovovich said knowing the movie would be available in 3D made her prepare especially hard.

“I did have to prepare a lot to make my cleavage what it was,” she said.

“I had to eat a lot of pasta and get cinched really tightly into the corset to get the effect and let the girls do the acting for me.”

With the explosion of the 3D medium over the last couple years, there has been a lot of focus on titillating content. There have even been 3D adult channels popping up on cable providers around the world, but not yet in the US.

So for now, we’ll have to live with what we can get, like Jovovich’s cleavage. Her husband Paul W.S. Anderson, who also just happens to be the director of The Three Musketeers, summed it up by quoting a review he said he saw: “Cleavage in 3D: It was what the medium was invented for.”

As a side note, when you’re watching the new film in theaters, see if you can see what Jovovich means by this final remark – “I think the left one is more talented than the right.”