Microvision showcases FPS projector-controller

Microvision has showcased a weapon-styled projection game controller at Intel’s Extreme Masters PC tournament.

According to Microvision spokesperson Ian Brown, the controller allows hardcore gamers to unshackle themselves from stationary positions and engage in a realistic virtual combat experience with an immersive 360-degree feel. 
“The company’s laser projection engine can show a distortion-free image on nearly any flat or curved surface. Consequently, the game goes along with the gamer and reflects the character’s position in three-dimensional space,” explained Brown.

“The game application takes advantage of our PicoP display engine’s infinite focus. We believe that Microvision’s technology can be used to create a new level of realism and interactive freedom for gamers.”

Indeed, the advanced controller has already been endorsed by Intel’s George Woo.

“Intel believes that radical innovations like Microvision’s laser projection engine will continue to drive the gaming industry forward,” said Woo. “We are pleased to demonstrate how Microvision’s technology and the Intel Core i7 processor Extreme Edition can create a new way for gamers to become immersed in the game world.”

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