Microsoft snubs US gamers with "Japanese only" Xbox HD

Microsoft has announced that it will be releasing a 250 GB hard-disk drive for the Xbox 360 on March 11, 2010.

However, Microsoft spokesman Kei Iwasaki confirmed the expanded drive would only be released in Japan.

“Microsoft has no current plans to put it on sale as a stand-alone unit outside of Japan,” stated Iwasaki.

According to GamerZines, the new drive will cost ¥15,540 or $172.

“The Xbox 360 Elite console currently packs a 120GB hard drive, but with Microsoft continuously seeking to expand its range of online services and downloadable content, including TV shows and movies, the 250GB external drive offers double the storage space,” wrote GZ’s Steven Williamson.

Meanwhile, Andrew of TFTS opined that he could “care less” about Microsoft’s decision to limit the sale of its new Xbox HD to Japan.

“Personally, I could care less having had my second damned Xbox 360 die on me recently – don’t get me started on this, really – now got a PS3,” said Andrew.

“But if your Xbox 360 is still working and you’re looking for extra capacity and you’re outside of Japan you’ll need to wait for now and just hope that your MS console holds out until the 250GB drive hits elsewhere.”