Microsoft redefines cross-platform gaming

Microsoft recently showcased an Xbox 360 game that was playable on both a Windows-based PC and a Windows 7 mobile phone.

“Not only [was] the game itself playable on all three platforms, but the session [was] maintained when you move from device to device,” wrote Kyle VanHemert of Gizmodo.

“[So], if you’re playing on your Xbox and have to run out the door, you’ll be on the same level when you fire it up on your Windows Phone 7 Series phone.”

Meanwhile, David Murphy of PC Magazine explained that Microsoft’s demo employed a “simple, platform-scrolling title” to show off the Cloud-themed capabilities of the company’s future platform.

“[MS exec Eric Rudder] starts the game on [a] desktop PC – keyboard controls and all. He then switches over to his Windows Phone 7 device to continue where he left off using a similar, but separate framework to perform the moves and functions as before,” said Murphy.

“Since his phone doesn’t have a built-in keyboard, he’s using its accelerometer and tapping the screen to mimic the same actions as before. To end the demo, Rudder switches over to his Xbox 360 and pulls up the exact same game – again, from where he last left it.”