Microsoft opens up preview to next Xbox 360 update

Microsoft is planning a sweeping update to its Xbox 360 online service, and for a limited time is letting users get a sneak peek at the new features it has in store.

Posting on his official Xbox blog, Microsoft’s Larry Hryb announced the following features will be available in this preview:

– Xbox 360 ESPN integration

– Zune music

– New Netflix searching

– Brand new Xbox Live dashboard

– Zune video updates

– Family Settings updates

Gamers can go to this website to fill out a survey, link their Gamertag, and receive immediate notification if everything checks out and they made the cut-off point.

Hryb posted the details yesterday afternoon and said he’ll “updated [sic] this post if the program fills up.” So far, he hasn’t. Although, it’s possible the spots filled up overnight.

These new features were all announced around E3 time, with the ESPN feature dominating a big chunk of Microsoft’s media event before the show. There’s no word on when this huge update will be available to the general masses, but if you get your name in quickly enough you won’t have to worry about that.

Hryb said the number of participants Microsoft is looking for is “multiple thousands.” It is definitely likely that the preview is still open.