Microsoft on a roll: New Xbox 360 bundle announced

Redmond (WA) – We have to give props to Microsoft. It has the oldest current-gen game console on the market, but the company has found an effective strategy to keep sales numbers high and the PS3 at a distance. Consumers will be able to purchase a new high-end bundle in May. Sony, are you watching?

One year ago, I had given up hope that the Xbox would be able to fend off the PS3 in the game console battle. I was wrong as Microsoft has found a very effective way to sell its everything-to-everyone console into the market. Netflix and several high-profile game titles is one side of the story – but bundle appear to be pushing Xbox 360 sales these days as well.

A new “Game of the Year” Bundle, including Halo 3 and Fable II, will hit retailers in May. The bundle will include the high-end, 120 GB Xbox 360 Elite and sell for $399 MSRP, which is the same price as the regular Xbox 360 Elite. Makes a whole lot of sense to us and we are wondering how Sony will be answering the continued marketing efforts from Microsoft.

In U.S. sales, the Xbox 360 has remained ahead of the PS3 since July 2008, which is a remarkable development given the fact that the Xbox 360 has been on the market one year longer than the technologically much more advanced PS3. Microsoft has sold 14.9 million Xbox 360 units in the U.S. so far; PS3 sales stand at 7.5 million.

Looks like the PS3 will need a price cut soon.