Microsoft: No news in Ballmer comments – official

Redmond (WA) – After the ruckus caused last week when Microsoft head honcho Steve Ballmer appeared to announce a new Xbox 360 coming real soon now, Ballmer has apologised for his ‘poorly chosen words’.

Ballmer appeared to imply that a new Xbox 360 would arrive next year, when he mentioned a new Xbox 360 coming in 2010 with a natural interface during a presentation at the Executive Club of Chicago last Thursday.

“I confused the issue with my poorly chosen words. There is no news in my comments. Things are as reported after E3. Sorry,” he told IGN.

Xbox product manager Aaron Greenberg added: “There will be no new console. I really believe he was speaking about Project Natal.”

As we suggested last week, Ballmer was indeed referring to Project Natal – an Xbox 360 add-on that features voice recognition and a motion-sensing camera. So it would seem that Ballmer’s slip and Greenberg’s clarification confirm a 2010 release for Natal.

Perhaps the moral of this story is that Microsoft executives should check with the boss before they start accusing TG Daily of making stuff up.

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